Product Safety Notice - CMC ProTech ™ Aluminum Key-Lock Carabiner - Red auto-lock with keeper, Part# 300153

Product Lot Numbers: 19191M and 19178T -- CMC has become aware of an issue regarding the ProTechTM Aluminum Key- Lock Carabiner. A defect in the manufacturing process resulted in a small population of carabiners having surface cracks that could impact the minimum breaking strength (MBS) of the product.

    These carabiners were sold as single carabiners and as part of the following kits:
  • Levr™ Escape System - 500360
  • Aztek Proseries® System - 500104
  • Lion Tether - 202730
  • Tie-in – 724153-02
  • Fastlink Pickoff - 201107
  • PFD Tether – 202730-PFD



Voluntary Recall - Omega Pacific G-First Carabiners

Omega Pacific has discovered a defect in a limited number of the G-FIRST series carabiners and is announcing a voluntary recall for replacement. The defect was discovered during an internal quality assurance procedure and was determined to affect a single lot. We will replace each returned unit with a new product. Any G-FIRST with Lot “OD” on the frame’s spine should be returned for replacement...



REQUEST FOR IMMEDIATE RECALL of CMC Rescue 3D product, #300880 (Lot Numbers 16001 – 16203)

CMC Rescue has learned of an unexpected release of the 3D descender’s locking center bar that happened during a recent training exercise. We immediately conducted a thorough investigation to discover the root cause, determining that additional 3Ds from certain lot numbers may also be at risk for improper operation. CMC is issuing a Product Recall for the following lots of 3D descenders: Lot numbers 16001 – 16203. All affected products will be replaced by CMC at no cost to the customer.

Recall Notice


DB​I-SALA® Lad-Saf™ Sleeve – Stop Use and Voluntary Recall / Replacement

At 3M, customer safety and confidence are high priorities.  In light of reported incidents and potential misuse scenarios involving the original Lad-Saf sleeve, 3M has discontinued sale of the original sleeve, and is voluntarily recalling all original Lad-Saf sleeves. 

Please click on the link to take you to the Stop Use and Recall/Replacement Notice (English) (Spanish)


Safety Recall for the Enforcer (with expanded lot numbers)

The swivel eye on some Enforcers may not be secure and in certain conditions might unscrew. This was discovered due to an incident that occurred. This recall is to improve the security of the swivel eye and to issue new user instructions specifying that the Enforcer swiveling action is for orientation, not high speed or multiple rotations.

Recall in English here