SMC Rope Tracker Edge Protector

SMC Rope Tracker Edge Protector
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Product Details

The SMC Rope Tracker is engineered to secure, capture, protect and manage multiple ropes when negotiating difficult edge transitions. The SMC Rope Tracker is manufactured from a high quality, durable, abrasion resistant thermoplastic blend to minimize weight and maximize strength. The rope channel and rib design give users the ability to manage ropes up to 16mm and flex to accomodate 90 edge angles keeping your ropes out of harms way.


  • Multi-channel design for optimized flexibility and
  • versatility
  • Multiple Independent attach points
  • Bright, easy to see color
  • Guarded channels for rope protection up to 12.5mm
  • 90 Articulation
  • Slides along rope

Weight: 0.91lbs (413g)

Dimensions: 20.1" x 3.4" x 1"