Sterling 1/2" SuperStatic2 Yellow 300' (92M)

Sterling 1/2" SuperStatic2 Yellow 300' (92M)
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Sterling SuperStatic 2 Ropes

Typical static ropes are made on 16 - or 32 - carrier machines with less twist in the cover yarns. These ropes have a much coarser, bumpier hand, which exposes much of the yarn to abrasion causing early rope retirement. Sterling's unique sheath produces a rope with a more supple hand, making it easier to deploy during rescue operations.

The smoother sheath finish reduces vibration allowing for more control during lowering and extrication procedures. And, with the 48-carrier sheath, less yarn is exposed to abrasion, giving you a longer lasting rope. In addition, with less bulk in the sheath, Sterling can add more yarns to the core giving you a stronger rope.

Sterling 7/16" (11mm) SuperStatic2

A multipurpose rescue/rappel rope. Great for police and security tactical teams, military operations and training, mountain rescue, window washing and building maintenance.
  • Weight (lbs/100'): 5.5
  • MBS Rating (lbs): 6,519
  • MBS Rating (kN): 29.0
  • Elongation at 300 lbs (%): 3.9
  • SWL (10:1 in lbs): 651
  • NFPA T (Technical Use) Rated

Sterling 1/2" (12.5mm) SuperStatic2

Two-person/general-use rescue rope. Used in mainline rescue and belay line systems. Appropriate for all types of technical rescue, confined space rescue, and rope access operations. The ideal rope for fire departments, rescue teams, USAR teams, air patrol units, and industrial safety operations.
  • Weight (lbs/100'): 6.8
  • MBS Rating (lbs): 9,284
  • MBS Rating (kN): 41.3
  • Elongation at 300 lbs (%): 2.0
  • SWL (10:1 in lbs): 928
  • NFPA G (General Use) Rated

Sterling 5/8"" (16mm) SuperStatic2

A super heavy-duty rope with a soft hand. Great for tower construction, industrial work, and other high strength applications. Please be aware that 5/8"" rope will not fit through most NFPA G rated pulleys and devices.
  • Weight (lbs/100'): 10.7
  • MBS Rating (lbs): 12,364
  • MBS Rating (kN): 55.0
  • Elongation at 300 lbs (%): 2.0
  • SWL (10:1 in lbs): 1,236
  • NFPA G (General Use) Rated

SuperStatic 2 ropes have a single or double tracer twisting around the rope in one direction. Sterling HTP Ropes have a single or double tracer twisting around the rope crossed by a single tracer in the opposite direction. Tracer colors may vary.