PMI Multi Strap (Pickoff Strap)

PMI Multi Strap (Pickoff Strap)
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PMI Multi Strap (Pickoff Strap)

One of the best pickoff straps we've used!

The PMI Multi Strap is a multiple use, easy to use, and low cost tool for rescue and rigging. This one tool has over 20 uses; a pick off strap, litter bridle, adjustable footloop, multi point anchor, and patient drag just to name a few. The Multi Strap is a invaluable tool to add to any gear cache.Key Features: Fast connection . Extra layer of webbing for protection . Supporting loads up to 22 kN (5000 lbf) . Always select an anchor that is capable of supporting 22 kN (5000 lbf) per person attached.

  • Pick-off strap
  • Load release hitch
  • Y lanyard
  • Bypass lanyard
  • Rebelay/anchor point pass
  • Work positioning
  • Anchor loop
  • Multi-point anchor
  • Fixed multi-point anchor
  • Adjustable footloop
  • Victim/firefighter drag device
  • Low/steep angle litter bridle
  • High angle litter bridle
  • Low/steep angle litter attendant attachment
  • High angle litter attendant attachment
  • Victim litter attachment (x4 to harness)