PMI 1" x 2.5' Tubular Nylon Sewn Runner - Green

PMI 1" x 2.5' Tubular Nylon Sewn Runner - Green
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PMI 1" Tubular Nylon Sewn Runner - 2.5' - Green

Sewn nylon runners eliminate the bulk and hassle of tying and periodically checking the knots. PMI sewn runners are made with the highest quality webbing and computerized precision bar-tacking. These slings are exceptionally strong and lightweight without the bulk of knotted webbing. The standard 1" tubular nylon webbing is favored by rescue specialists for slings, rigging and anchor systems as it offers exceptional abrasion resistance and superior handling.

Sling length and color complies with recommended standardized webbing colors and lengths as referred to in current technical rescue publications such as the Technical Rescue Riggers Guide (by Rick Lipke).

  • Strength: 7300lbs
  • Color: Green
  • 2.5' Sewn Sling Corresponds to the 5' untied webbing length