PMI 1/2" x 200' NFPA Rescue Rope - Gold

PMI 1/2" x 200' NFPA Rescue Rope - Gold
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PMI 1/2" x 200' NFPA Rescue Rope - Gold

The original, Classic Static rope. PMI Classic�s 16 carrier construction is preferred over 32/48 carrier designs for its higher quality and longer wearing characteristics. PMI's continuous, block creel parallel nylon fiber core construction means you can rely on low stretch and no spin. PMI Classic Static meets the stringent requirements of NFPA and Cordage Institute standards.

PMI EZ Bend combines PMI's advanced abrasion resistance technology with excellent knotability and easier handling characteristics than Max Wear. Tough rope for tough applications. You can identify EZ Bend in the field by the two stripes over the base color.

PMI ropes are third party tested to NFPA 1983 Standards.

  • Diameter: 1/2" (12.5 mm)
  • MBS: 9700 lbf (43 kN)
  • NFPA 1983 'G' Certification
  • Nylon sheath / Nylon Core
  • Made in USA!