rescueDIRECT RPM Raise/Lower Package - NFPA

rescueDIRECT RPM Raise/Lower Package - NFPA
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rescueDIRECT RPM Raise/Lower Package

Just add rope!

Our RPM (Rack, Pulley, Mariners Hitch) kit features components popular at many state fire/rescue academies. Sufficient for a Z-Rig (3:1) haul system, 6-bar rack lower system, or tandem prusik belay. Provides for efficient and safe change over from raising to lowering or belay systems. The RPM system is required in low angle rope rescue operations (LARRO) in California and is a popular system in use in many states across the country.

Optional Petzl Rescucender adds versatility and makes resetting the haul faster and easier - select this option above!

This package includes the following:

  • 1 Pair of PMI 8mm Sewn Prusiks (1 Short, 1 Long)
  • 1 SMC Rigging Plate - NFPA
  • 6 Omega-Pacific Steel Locking Carabiners - NFPA
  • 1 SMC Brake Rack w/Hyperbar - NFPA
  • 1 CMC Load Release Strap w/keeper biner - NFPA
  • 2 SMC 3" Prusik Minding Pulleys - NFPA
  • 20 ft. 1" Tubular Rescue Webbing - Red

The techniques employed in the proper and safe use of this equipment may only be learned through training received from an instructor who is well qualified in all aspects of rope rescue work. Use and inspect this equipment only in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Never attempt to use this or any technical rescue equipment until you have received appropriate instruction.

Proper training and experience is mandatory - practice with your system before working with live loads!