rescueDIRECT Highline Festoon

rescueDIRECT Highline Festoon
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rescueDIRECT Highline Festoon

Our Highline Festoons are constructed with quality Sterling 3mm cord and provide a 10" separation between the mainline and control lines. Festoons keep the control line sag to a minimum and are essential in highline operations - especially in swiftwater rigging where the rope MUST be kept out of the water. We capture the knot and carabiner with heat shrink tubing to keep the assembly oriented and ready to go. The wiregate carabiners are economical and have a wide gate opening to make clipping easy even with gloves on. These are not cheap keychain carabiners - we make our festoons with Omega Pacific climbing/mountaineering grade carabiners rated to 5500 pound MBS strength!

NOTE: cord color may differ from photo