Rock Exotica Aztek Pulley Set

Rock Exotica Aztek Pulley Set
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Rock Exotica Aztek Pulley Set

Developed by Ropes that Rescue Ltd., these blocks, configured as set-of-fours will enable the user great versatility in a personal mechanical advantage system suitable for rescue and general rigging. Hewn from a solid block of high strength aluminum and engineered to withstand over 8,000 lbf. (36kN). The set of two blocks are different colors for ease of identification.

One way you have a 5:1 mechanical advantage. Turn it around and a 4:1 w/change of direction is the result. The progress capture ratchet prusik can be attached at either end. One quick pin is sold with each set of blocks. Additional pins may be purchased separately.

Rock Exotica manufactures the most innovative technical equipment in the world. Their passion is to make the best gear in the world, regardless of cost and producing equipment unavailable anywhere else for the expert user.