Petzl Large NFPA Rigging Plate - P63L

Petzl Large NFPA Rigging Plate - P63L
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Petzl Large Rigging Plate P63L

Petzl's Large rigging plate allows the rigging specialist to create anchor systems more simply and efficiently. It ensures the carabiners are aligned in the angle of force without them becoming wedged. By spreading out the load, the rescue or rigging is done easier and safer. The Rigger makes an ideal master anchor attachment point for complicated rigging by connecting anchor legs from a number of angles. Made of high strength aluminum alloy and with 12 holes, its minimum breaking strength is 10000 lbs or 45 kN.
  • Weight: 638 g
  • Standards :UL Classified to NFPA 1983 General Use.
  • Ref.# :P63L