Sterling 7/16" HTP Static Blue 300' (92M) SEM

Sterling 7/16" HTP Static Blue 300' (92M) SEM
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Sterling High Tenacity Polyester (HTP) Static Rope

Sterling's polyester HTP Static Rope has become an important and integral addition to most rescue and industrial organization's equipment needs. Sterling HTP offers many significant advantages over standard nylon static ropes in certain applications. Polyester is a naturally high strength, durable and dry fiber.

Sterling HTP offers the highest tensile strength for ropes in its size. It also resists moisture and provides greater durability than previously attainable. Sterling HTP offers greater resistance from UV and certain chemicals, has low electrical conductivity, and remains supple after repeated use.

Continued field research and actual rescue applications have shown that polyester ropes may be the best ropes for many mainline raises and lowers and most trackline applications. The supple handling, high strength and low stretch (less than 1% stretch per 300-pound load) characteristics of HTP means less work and no re-tensioning of the highline or trackline is required.

Lowering and extrication systems are far more efficient with HTP because the low stretch and high strength characteristics make extra ropes unnecessary. And, since Sterling HTP Static is a naturally dry product, your ropes will always stay dry, maintaining performance and weight.

  • Super low elongation
  • Low electrical conductivity
  • Remains supple after extensive use
  • The feel, handling, and knotability of dynamic rope
  • Naturally dry fiber resists moisture
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Better UV and chemical resistance
  • Better efficiency in mechanical advantage systems
  • Great compatibility with most standard equipment
  • Best rope for highlines

Sterling HTP 7/16"(11.0mm) Rope

A multi-use rescue/rappel rope that resists moisture and has high abrasion resistance. Ideal for industrial rope access, military, high traffic expeditions, mountain rescue and swift-water rescue uses. Note: tracer colors are subject to change.
  • Weight (lbs/100'): 6.5
  • MBS Rating (lbs): 6,856
  • MBS Rating (kN): 30.5
  • Elongation at 300lb (%): 2.5
  • SWL (10:1)(lbs): 685
  • NFPA T (Technical Use) Rated

Sterling HTP 1/2"(12.5mm)Rope

Low elongation makes this rope the top choice for mainline, haul systems and highline use. The strength that this rope provides also makes it a great choice specialized rescues and industrial safety applications. Great for all types of technical rescue, confined space rescue, USAR, and industrial safety applications Note: tracer colors are subject to change.
  • Weight (lbs/100'): 8.0
  • MBS Rating (lbs): 9,081
  • MBS Rating (kN): 40.4
  • Elongation at 300lb (%): 0.9
  • SWL (10:1)(lbs): 908
  • NFPA G (General Use) Rated