SMC NFPA 90 Degree Twist 6 Bar Rappel Rack

SMC NFPA 90 Degree Twist 6 Bar Rappel Rack
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SMC NFPA 90 Degree Twist 6 Bar Rappel Rack

SMC's NFPA Rappel Rack is UL certified to meet NFPA standards as a General Use descent control device.

A rappel rack is one of the most versatile descent and lowering devices available. It will accept single or double ropes of several diameters and yet provides a wide range of friction for descent control or lowering control. This rack is unique in the market in that it allows the user to change the number of bars as necessary when in use with a load. Rappel racks are extremely popular for use in high angle rescues and in caving. As with all SMC products, welding is done by aircraft certified welders, followed by dye penetrant inspection. Finish is natural stainless steel.

NFPA Rappel Rack Assembly Includes:

  • 1 ea. Straight 6 Bar Rack
  • 1 ea. 1" Diameter Stainless Steel Tie Off Bar
  • 1 ea. 7/8" Diameter Alum. Brake Bar with Training Groove and Straight Slot
  • 4 ea. 7/8" Diameter Alum. Brake Bars with Angled Slot
  • 90 Degree twist

SMC Part No. NFPA14002

Strength Rating: Rated "G" - MBS 22 kN