rescueDIRECT 150' Z-Drag Kit

rescueDIRECT 150' Z-Drag Kit
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rescueDIRECT 150' Z-Drag Kit

All the hardware needed to set up a basic 3:1 mechanical advantage system.


  • 3-Omega Pacific Locking D Carabiners
  • 2-SMC Water Rescue Pulleys
  • 2-15' sections of 1" webbing in red
  • 1-10' section of 1" webbing in yellow
  • 2-6' prusik cords (7 mm)
  • 150' of 7/16" NFPA Static Rescue Rope
  • 1-Rope Bag (holds 150' of rope)
  • 1-Z-Drag Crib Sheet with knots and rigging instructions for several different mechanical advantage configurations

The techniques employed in the proper and safe use of this equipment may only be learned through training received from an instructor who is well qualified in all phases of swiftwater rescue work. Use and inspect this equipment only in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Never attempt to use this or any water rescue equipment until you have received appropriate instruction.