PMI 8mm x 22" Sewn Prusik Loop - Red

PMI 8mm x 22" Sewn Prusik Loop - Red
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PMI 8mm x 22" Sewn Prusik Loop - Red

MBS 4450 lbf (20 kN)

PMI now offers pre-sewn Prusik cord loops in assorted diameters, lengths and colors. Precision stitching forms a sleek, low-profile connection that is stronger, smaller and neater than a knot. Clear tubing protects the stitching and allows for a visual inspection of the connection.

The difference in diameter between the main line and your Prusik loop diameter should follow the general rule of a 60-80% ratio. 8mm cord is best suited for 1/2" rope and this 22" loop works well as the long prusik in a tandem prusik belay. We recommend you practice your prusik application prior to actual field use.