The Mother of All Ice Saws!

The Mother of All Ice Saws!
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The Mother of All Ice Saws!

Cut through the ice easily with this amazing lightweight ice saw and start cutting any shape hole you want. You stand up and cut your dive access or search hole.

No fuel or oil to mess with and this bad boy always starts! Keep your saw inside your squad or dive trailer with no gas smell. Cuts any shape hole you want. Chip through the ice with the point and start cutting in any direction by turning the ice saw the way you want to cut.

This incredible saw has a 42 inch steel blade with 9 hand sharpened teeth and a solid hardwood handle. Each saw is 44 inches long when folded and 82 inches long when opened. Locking pin to keep saw open or closed when transporting.

The Ice Saw will give you many years of use before needing resharpening under normal conditions and usage.

Also make a really scary halloween prop!