heightec Twist Compact Ascender w/ X-Cam


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heightec Twist Compact Ascender w/ X-Cam
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Product Details

heightec Twist Compact Ascender w/ X-Cam

The heightec Twist is a slimline X-Cam� ascender with profiled attachment points to sit flat on the chest. Can be used with a combination harness or separate chest harness for rope ascending. Great for use in a ropewalking setup.

Key Features:

  • Does not fuzz sheath when placed on and off the rope
  • Easy removal for change over
  • Smooth action for down climbing
  • One lower and one upper attachment point
  • Essential piece of gear for Frog climbing system
  • Slimline model with profiled attachment points
  • Designed to sit flat on the body
  • Cam stop
  • Durable release catch allows single handed operation
  • heigtec part number: D42
  • X-Cam� performance

Sizing Info: 8 mm - 13 mm rope
Weight: 5.6 oz (159 g)
Max Rope Size: 13 mm

About the X-Cam

X-Cam is a completely new ascender cam design, which gives a considerable increase in performance over traditional sharp toothed models. When tested on new Tectra 11 mm low stretch rope, these ascenders were found to be 25% stronger than their most popular sharp toothed competitor, with average breaking loads of around 675 kg for X-cams versus 535 kg for the established design.

The greatest increase in performance is exhibited if the ascender continues to be loaded after the sheath of the rope has ruptured. In this situation, X-Cams will hold up to 200 kg on the broken sheath and rope cores. Established toothed designs supported only around 30kg in heightec tests - nowhere near enough to support a person.

heightec X-Cam ascenders therefore significantly reduce the possibility of complete system failure by exerting a considerable hold on a rope after the sheath has broken.