$3.00 Carabiner - Omega Pacific Doval Carabiner

$3.00 Carabiner - Omega Pacific Doval Carabiner
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$3.00 Carabiner - Omega Pacific Doval Carabiner 25kN in light package

Omega wanted a carabiner that had all the benefits of a wire gate design light, simple, reliable, and strong … But, they wanted a shape that could pull some all-mountain duty like rigging ‘biner brake raps, alpine clutches … something you could aid on without that scary shifting as you load your aiders.

Trouble is, no such carabiner existed … anywhere. So, Omega built the Doval and introduced an entirely new category of carabiner! At 37gm, it’s a featherweight (shave pounds off your rack by trading up!) and the Ovalized-D frame means you can stack them and reverse the gates just like on ovals and regular D’s. With 25mm of gate clearance, it’s a perfect clipping carabiner. Its wide rope-bearing surface is a true radius, which means there aren’t any flat spots in the interior to wreck your ropes. Finally, an all-mountain wire gate. Versatile, Functional, and Affordable.

- Major Axis Strength: 25kN

- Minor Axis Strength: 7kN

- Gate Open Strength: 7kN