Conterra Double Adjusta-Pro II w/EMT Light - On Sale!


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Conterra Double Adjusta-Pro II w/EMT Light - On Sale!
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Conterra Double Adjusta Pro II

Conterra originally designed this harness for F.E.M.A. communications specialists who often have to carry two incompatible radios.

Conterra's customers rapidly realized that the extra radio pocket easily fit a cell phone or G.P.S. unit, making this a highly popular item.

Both pockets adjust in length and girth just like the Adjusta Pro, so you can put your primary radio on either side.

Conterra's new Adjusta-Pro II sports a larger center pocket for back up batteries, swiss knife etc. as well as a custom pouch for the Conterra four funtion E/R light (included).

The harness platform adjusts and rides exactly like the legendary Adjusta Pro.

Center Storage Pocket measures 6" Tall x 4" Wide x 1.5" Deep.