CMC Rope Rescue Manual Field Guide - Revised 5th Edition

CMC Rope Rescue Manual Field Guide - Revised 5th  Edition
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Product Details

CMC Rope Rescue Manual Field Guide - New Revised 5th Edition by CMC Rescue, Inc.

New! Revised 5th Edition. The companion Field Guide to the CMC Rope Rescue Manual features water- and tear-proof stock for lasting durability. The spiral-bound guide measures 10 cm (4?ǥ) W x 15.2 cm (6?ǥ) H and fits into radio harnesses, BDU and uniform pockets, so you can take it anywhere!

    Some highlights...
  • 132 pages. Printed in USA
  • The Revised 5th Edition includes the following updates:
  • Updated testing of knot efficiency including polyester ropes
  • Test results of contamination on polyester ropes
  • Updated discussions of main/belay and Twin-Tension systems
  • Tensioned belay system added
  • Revised techniques for belaying with the MPD™
  • User information for the new 3D™ descent control device
  • Equipment strength specifications updated to current standard
  • Terrain angle discussion and chart
  • Low-angle litter illustrations