Technical Rescuer - Trench Levels I and II by Scott Richardson

Technical Rescuer - Trench Levels I and II by Scott Richardson
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Technical Rescuer - Trench Levels I and II

Technical Rescuer: Trench meets the requirements for Chapter 8 of the 2008 Edition of NFPA Standard 1006 and focuses on the key topics of trench rescue, from exploring the characteristics of trench collapse to the necessary steps for developing an efficient trench rescue team. Offering comprehensive coverage of key concepts, including illustrating the breakdown of the trench, developing a response plan, implementing rescue operations and the necessary skills for successful leadership and management, this book helps the rescuer both prepare for the incident as well as understand how these skills contribute to a successful response.

  • Ensure compliance with Chapter 8 of the 2008 Edition of NFPA Standard 1006 with a correlation grid that highlights the Standard requirements, and identifies the pages in the book where each of these requirements are met.
  • Follow the ASTART™ system which explains team development, from planning to implementation and contributes to efficient incident response.
  • Remain up to date with photos and illustrations that focus in on the most current equipment, tools and procedures.
  • Gain real-world insight and sharpen trench rescue skills with a Lessons Learned at the beginning of each chapter and corresponding Lessons Learned Revisited at the end of the chapter containing follow-up critical-thinking questions.
  • Work smart and safe on the job with critical information highlighted in Note and Safety boxes throughout the book.
  • Learn the requirements of the job with step-by-step skills that provide photo sequences and clear instructions for various procedures.
  • Practice rescue techniques effectively with sample job performance requirement forms and training logs that help track individual progress.

    Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1—Trench Rescue Awareness.
  • Chapter 2—Ingredients of a Trench.
  • Chapter 3—Anatomy and Physiology of a Trench Collapse.
  • Chapter 4—Safety and Protective Equipment.
  • Chapter 5—Apparatus, Tools and Equipment.
  • Chapter 6—Trench Protective Systems.
  • Chapter 7—Heavy Equipment and Materials.
  • Chapter 8—The Trench Rescue Victim.
  • Chapter 9—Trench Rescue Operations: Putting it All Together.
  • Chapter 10—Developing a Trench Rescue Program.
  • Chapter 11—Leadership and Management.
  • Appendix A—Trench Rescue Quick Reference Forms.
  • Appendix B—Job Performance Requirement Sheets.

Published by Delmar - Cenage Learning

Author: Scott Richardson