Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide

Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide
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Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide


Now with 60% more information, the Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide has been expanded from 52 to 84 information-packed pages. New sections include:

  • Rigging, including anchors; drooping high lines; and Z-drag.
  • Animal rescue, including animal behavior; rescue of stranded and swimming animals; the capture of dogs, cats, and horses.
  • Urban flooding and rescue, including HAZMAT and field decontamination; storm water systems; and incident preplanning.
  • Unpinning boats and rafts.
  • Drowning fact reference

    Every emergency responder needs to have a copy of this tough, waterproof 4X6Ē guide handy. Made to fit in a pocket, a glove compartment or a emergency response pack, itís the ultimate (and only) field reference to swiftwater rescue.

    In addition to the new material, the Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide still covers topics like basic rescuer safety considerations, river hydrology, equipment, shore-based, boat-based, and in-water rescue techniques; knots, rigging for river rescue, helicopters, incident command; and special situations like low-head dams and flood channel rescues.

    If itís been awhile since you took your last swiftwater rescue course, youíll appreciate having this handy pocket reference!