Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide - 4th Edition

Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide - 4th Edition
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This book has been superseded by the 5th Edition of the Technical Rescue Riggers Guide found HERE.

Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide, 4th Edition - by Tom Pendley

This 196 page pocket guide has the highest quality line art illustrations and proven detailed procedures based on national standards. Rescuers and agencies all over the world are choosing this guide for their key reference tool.

See for yourself why this little guide has become the industry standard field operations and procedure guide.

  • Rope rescue
  • Confined space rescue
  • Swiftwater rescue
  • Trench rescue
  • Structural collapse rescue
  • Helicopter rescue
  • Surface Ice Rescue
  • Updated to the most current NFPA standards
  • All Structural rescue shoring illustrations and procedures have been updated to the current FEMA structural specialist manual
  • Pneumatic shoring procedures added to trench rescue section
  • New Rescue Medical section added
  • Improved contents guide and quick navigation system
  • High risk low frequency special operations put members at risk
  • The "all skill level" format allows any first responder to follow the command checklist and lay the foundation for a safe and effective operation
  • It makes sense to have everyone on the same "sheet of music"
  • Urban search and rescue procedures are laid out in easy to follow step by step procedures. Now in its fourth edition, this guide covers the broad spectrum of rescue incidents to which firefighters respond. Separation of the skills by Awareness, Operational, and Technician levels helps users perform within their training level. Checklists help organize planning, making sure all the critical elements are addressed. Printed on water and tear-proof paper. 160 pages.
    • Over 200 full color illustrations
    • Referenced to the 2008 edition of the NFPA 1006 Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications
    • Shoring illustrations and procedures current with the 2009 edition of the US Army Corps of Engineers Urban Search and Rescue Program, Shoring Operations Guide (SOG)
    • Detailed instructions for industry standard devices like the CMC MPD, Petzl ID and Traverse 540
    • 40 additional pages have been added including artificial high directionals, offsets, highlines and surface ice rescue
    • All procedures are based on national standards
    • All procedures have been proven by agencies like the Phoenix Fire Department
    • Each discipline begins with a command checklist and hazard identification