Engineering Practical Rope Rescue Systems Book (Brown)

Engineering Practical Rope Rescue Systems Book (Brown)
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The NEW Standard by which all technical rope texts will be judged.

Thoroughly researched, comprehensive, and easily understood. Covers everything from forming and training a rescue team to traverse engineering. Beginners and advanced rescue technicians will learn from and enjoy this entertaining and educational book. A practical look at rope resuce systems from the point of view of an experienced professional, each chapter features exciting stories and real life situations. The book provides a complete look at team integrity and development issues as well as team efficiency concepts that create a superior survival profile for users. Interesting, current, and sometimes controversial topics within the rescue community are featured throughout.


  • Photographs and illustrations highlight safety techniques and system rigging concepts
  • Written by an internationally known rope rescue expert
  • Exciting real-life rescue stories captivate the reader and apply learned concepts
  • Complete examination of team integrity training issues leads to increased survival of victims and rescuers
  • Uses the fundamentals of physics to study basic interactions with rope rescue equipment, allowing the user to develop the art of rope rescue

By Michael G. Brown, 322 pages