SMC Russ Anderson Edge Roller

SMC Russ Anderson Edge Roller
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Red anodized finish

Used to reduce friction of ropes running over edges of all kinds, Russ Anderson/SMC Edge Rollers are a versatile tool. Two ropes can be run together over the roller, or it can be used with fire hose. The base is a 6" by 10" welded assembly of aluminum with a 1/8" thick neoprene pad on the bottom. The roller is 2-1/2" diameter by 4" long, heat treated aluminum, with oilite bushing and felt seals to keep out contaminants. It rolls on a 5/8" diameter plated steel axle. Chain multiple edge rollers together to protect ropes from irregular edges or terrain. Two rollers connected by quick links (as pictured above) will lay over a right angle such as a rock wall or edge of a building. Two 3/16" quick links are furnished with each roller. Weight 3 lbs 3 oz (1.4 Kg)

Sold as a single unit, two Edge Rollers may be connected by quick links for applications involving a variety of edges and angles. Two 3/16'' quick links are furnished with each Edge Roller. SOLD AS A SINGLE UNIT. One of the above photos shows 2 Edge Rollers connected by quick links, illustrating how they may be used over right angles such as the edge of a rock or building.