SMC Russ Anderson Roof Roller

SMC Russ Anderson Roof Roller
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Designed to be used where ropes need to be protected from abrasion over a 90 degree edge, such as the roof of a building, the Roof Roller will also accommodate two ropes or a fire hose. The frame is welded with a large base area for stability. There are four 3/4" holes at the corners of the base and four 7/8" inch diameter, round rigging holes in the vertical plates. SMC added two additional rigging slots, which are positioned midway between the two rollers in the vertical plates. There is a 1/8" thick neoprene pad on the bottom of the base. The Roof Roller uses the same rollers, felt seals, oilite bushings, base and axle as the edge roller. Gold anodized finish. (Carabiners not included). Weight 5 lbs 0 oz (1.9 Kg)