Conterra Adjusta-Pro II Radio Chest Harness w/ Light

Conterra Adjusta-Pro II Radio Chest Harness w/ Light
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Conterra Adjusta-Pro II Radio Chest Harness w/ EMT Light

This updated version of Conterra's most popular product of all time comes with a new sleek patented adjustment system that works with any radio.

A great new feature is that the Conterra RCH2 comes complete with an EMS rescue light that nests in a custom front pouch specifically designed for it.

The light is positioned to work for you while your harness is on, and is controllable right through the harness fabric! You can read a map, check medication or walk a trail with this chest mounted light.

The vertical orientation of the radio improves reception, extends antenna life, and reduces the chance of chest injury during a fall. The unique suspension system virtually guarantees that your harness will not bounce or swing, even while pounding moguls or climbing caged ladders.

The harness features all Cordura construction, a large bellows cargo pocket, pen pouch, and twin elastic antenna keepers. Radio not included.

Storage Pocket measures 7.5" Tall x 5" Wide x 1.5" Deep.