12mm Delta Link (Tri-Link) - Medium - BLEM

12mm Delta Link (Tri-Link) - Medium - BLEM
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12mm Mallion Rapide Delta (Tri-Link or Quick Link) - BLEM

Deltas are often used as an alternative to standard carabiners. They are most effective (and safest) in rigging applications where multi-directional or tri-axial loading is encountered. Links are zinc-plated steel and feature threaded nut closure. This medium size has a WLL of over 2,000 pounds and is advised for medium duty rescue applications or two-person loads. Measures approximately 3" x 4" by just under 1/2" in diameter. 5/8" gate opening. Made in France by Maillon Rapide.

The threads on these "BLEM" deltas are a bit tight. They have passed the manufacturer's quality and safety standards but have been set aside by our inspection process as not having a 'smooth enough' gate action for our liking. They require a bit more force to open or close than usual. Stock up while we have a few left!