SMC 3" Prussik Minding Pulley - NFPA

SMC 3" Prussik Minding Pulley - NFPA
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SMC 3" NFPA Prusik Minding Pulley

For over thirty years, SMC's pulleys have been regarded as the benchmark in the rescue industry. The new Prusik Minding Pulley is a rescue size pulley, designed for use in serious rigging applications.

The compact size of the pulley (6" x 4"), combined with a larger than usual 3" (76mm) diameter sheave (2.5" tread) makes even static rescue ropes easy to manage. The pulley is built around a high efficiency precision sealed ball bearing to counter the performance losses inherent in large pulley systems. The unique shape of the aluminum sideplates maximises the effectiveness of the Prusik hitch as a progress capturing device.

The large top hole easily accepts three rescue sized carabiners.

Low profile fasteners help eliminate possibility of snagging.

  • Designed for use with ropes up to 13mm in conjunction with Prusik cords up to 8mm.
  • SMC Part No. NFPA158000
  • Description NFPA Prusik Minding Pulley Weight 12.4oz [352 g]
  • Finish Red and Charcoal anodized sideplates
  • Rated Strength Rated "G" - Meets NFPA MBS of 36 kN