CMI Rescue 8 Rappel Device

CMI Rescue 8 Rappel Device
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CMI Rescue 8 Rappel Device

10,000 pound MBS!

More than anything else CMI has ever made, they are best known for their legendary Figure 8 rappel devices. CMI burst onto the descender scene in 1974 with the introduction of the first forged aluminum hardcoated 8. Now, nearly a million eights later, their lightweight, versatile designs, backed by their flawless track record, continue to win new followers.

CMI eights are hot forged out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Why aluminum, when many others use steel? Aluminum keeps rescue 8's light and produces excellent friction while maintaining the safety margins demanded by today�s tough standards. CMI's exclusive hardcoat guarantees an exceptionally long life and produces smooth, even friction.

The Rescue 8 is built big enough to handle the largest rescue ropes (two of them). Extended ears on the upper ring make tying off a snap and prevents the rope from sliding up and locking off (inadvertant girth hitch). Dual holes on the tie-in end allow the eight to remain attached to the harness while threading the rope, preventing loss of the device in extreme conditions.

The industry standard for rescue grade descenders.