SMC NFPA Rescue Swivel

SMC NFPA Rescue Swivel
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The Rescue Swivel is a high performance piece of gear with silky smooth action and a beautiful finish and feel - once you pick it up, you just can't put it down.The holes are sized to work with rescue carabiners, and allow carabiner lock sleeves to rotate through the holes without undoing them. Compact lenth for confined space rescue and awkward hauling. The sides are smooth and rounded in order to prevent catching on rocks, litters, or other components. The Swivel is built around a heat-treated steel axle and a sealed high efficiency ball-bearing to ensure flawless rotation during even prolonged and difficult raises in severe rock, mountain and rescue conditions. Length 3.5" top to bottom

Meets NFPA 1983 (2001 Ed.) "G" 36 kN

UL Classified