CMI Uplift Camming Pulley System

CMI Uplift Camming Pulley System
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Meets or exeeds NFPA 1983 'G' Standard but not Third Party Certified

CMI's years of experience in pulleys and ascenders come together in this one revolutionary product. A double pulley is mated to a remotely triggered retractable brake (ascender-type camming device). When rigged with the matching color coded companion pulley (sold seperately) it serves as the core of a simple four-to-one mechanical advantage system. East to set up, easy to store and easy to use, the entire system can be pre-rigged and stored for quick deployment when seconds count. Ideal for use with a tripod rig in confined space applications or high angle rescue.

Red/Black Anodized aluminum sideplates, two Aluminum sheaves, Sintered bronze bushing, and Steel axle.

  • MBS 12000lbs
  • Rope Capacity 1/2"
  • Size 25.4x10.1cm
  • Weight 1457g
  • Efficiency 184%