Personal Rescue Kit

Personal Rescue Kit
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Personal Rescue Kit

Harness is UL Classified to NFPA 1983 - Class III

Whether a wilderness responder or on a USAR team, the following is the minimum personal equipment the individual rescuer should have in his gear pack. The kit includes PPE for the head and hands. The rescuer can rappel, be belayed, be hoisted, or belay another rescuer.

  • 1 Princeton Tech EOS II Headlamp
  • 1 CMC Rescue Multi Loop Strap, Large
  • 1 CMC ProTech Fire Rescue Harness - Select Size Above
  • 1 CMC Rescue Riggers Gloves - Select Size Above
  • 1 6 ft. x 8 mm Prusik Cord, Green
  • 1 5 ft. x 8 mm Prusik Cord, Red
  • 3 CMC ProTech Manual Lock Carabiner - NFPA
  • 1 CMC Rescue 8 w/ Ears, Aluminum - NFPA
  • 1 Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet, Red
  • 1 ESS Striketeam XTO Rescue Goggles
  • 1 CMC Rescue Pro Pocket, Blue
  • 1 CMC Personal Gear Bag, Red

One of CMC's most popular harness designs, the ProTech Fire-Rescue is in use by fire department rescue teams, USAR teams, helicopter crews, and wilderness SAR teams. The unique design of the dorsal D-Ring allows adjustment for different size rescuers, but stays in place when loaded, greatly increasing comfort. Gear loops have been added for storing equipment, but their design allows easy removal when using the harness for confined space entries. The front waist D-Ring allows a comfortable, stable sitting position for rappels and the sternum D-Ring works well for helicopter hoists. Quick-connect shoulder straps and leg loops make donning the harness simple and fast. Molded pads on the leg loops can be adjusted to the most comfortable position. Front strap accepts screw-links for adding a chest ascender or safety lanyards.

Small/Medium fits waist sizes from 28" to 34"

Large/X-Large fits waist sizes from 34" to 46"

Please select harness and glove size above