10 Piece Tubular Webbing Package

$68.95 10 Piece Tubular Webbing Package
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Product Details 10 Piece Tubular Webbing Package

We created this package in response to recommended standardized webbing colors and lengths as referred to in current technical rescue publications such as the Technical Rescue Riggers Guide (by Rick Lipke). High quality Sterling 1" tubular webbing handles and knots easily and is perfect for high strength anchors, patient packaging, hasty harnesses, slings and many other applications. Assorted lengths and colors of webbing are an integral part of any technical rescue system. Package is comprised of the following tubular webbing colors/lengths:

  • 25' Black (2 pieces)
  • 20' Red (2 pieces)
  • 15' Blue (2 pieces)
  • 12' Yellow (2 pieces)
  • 5' Green (2 pieces)

MBS 4,000 pounds