Yates Victim Rescue Harness

Yates Victim Rescue Harness
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Yates Victim Rescue Harness #321

VICTIM RESCUE HARNESS Manufactured by: YATES GEAR Inc. Fire Service Life Safety Harness Classified by UL Inc. in accordance with the NFPA Standard for Fire Service Life Safety Rope and System Components. (NFPA 1983-2001 Edition) ANSI A10.14/ Z359.1 - 1992, OSHA 1910.146. CLASS II Harness. UL Classification 93F4.

VICTIM RESCUE HARNESS An innovative harness, built to NFPA Class II harness standards. Similar configuration as the NFPA Seat Harness, but utilizing quick connect waist buckle and special forged two piece friction buckles on legs to aid in proper donning. Waist pad under buckle for added comfort. Forged D-ring used for main attachment point has a Proof-load strength of 5000 lbs. and has been tested in excess of 8000 lbs. without failure, epoxy color coded red. Victim Rescue Harness is constructed of Type XIII (6500lb.) webbing. Waist and leg portions of the harness are color coded using orange, blue and black webbings. Leg buckles are epoxy color coded in two different colors yellow and blue.