CMC CSR2 (Confined Space Rescue) Pulley

CMC CSR2 (Confined Space Rescue) Pulley
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CMC CSR2 (Confined Space Rescue) Pulley

The design of CMC's all-new CSR2 (Confined Space Rescue) Pulley is stronger yet lighter and incorporates 7/16 in (11 mm) to 1/2 in (13 mm) lifeline. Ideal for industrial applications as well as many rescue operations, the CSR2 uses CMC's proprietary, patented locking system, which eliminates a toothed cam or Prusik so it can be easily and safely released while under load. An integral thrust-bearing swivel reduces torque by aligning the pulley with the load, thereby increasing efficiency and safety. Its larger size allows for the easy application of rescue-size carabiners.

Machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, the CSR2 features a high-strength aluminum side plate, sealed bearings and anodized aluminum sheaves. The side becket location allows for maximum lift height and full retraction of the system, and a removable becket cover facilitates changing out lifeline with sewn terminations.

Now taking orders on both the CSR2 Pulley and CSR2 Double Pulley products. These pulleys are in high demand and may take up to 2 weeks to ship. Call ahead if there are time constraints.

  • All-new stronger, lighter-weight design
  • Compatible with 11-13 mm rope
  • Meets NFPA 1983 (2012 ED) – General Use
  • CSR2 Pulley MBS 46 kN (10,341 lbf) / CSR2 Double Pulley MBS 51 kN (11,465 lbf)
  • Machined from solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Weight: 2.5 lb (1.1 kg)
  • MBS: 46 kN (10,340 lbf)
  • Sheave Tread Size: 2 1/4 x 1/2 in (57 x 13 mm)
  • Color: Red / Gray
  • NFPA Rating: General Use
  • Made in USA
    • Reference:
    • Previous CMC CSR Pulley part number: 300337