CMC Rescue Confined Space Rescue Double Pulley - NFPA G

CMC Rescue Confined Space Rescue Double Pulley - NFPA G
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CMC Rescue CSR Double Pulley - NFPA G

The CMC ProSeries CSR Pulley is a professional tool for Confined Space Rescue and numerous other rope access and rescue applications. It has a proprietary locking system, and unlike other pulleys that rely on a toothed cam, the CSR Pulley can be unlocked while under load. By eliminating the cam, the pulley system is much more compact when fully collapsed. Another safety feature is the integral swivel that reduces torque by aligning the pulley with the load. A built-in swivel is considerably more compact as it eliminates the need for multiple connections to incorporate a separate swivel, robbing the raising system of valuable clearance under tripods. The machined aluminum eye provides exceptional strength. The CSR Pulley and its companion Swivel Double Pulley both have high strength aluminum side plates, sealed ball bearings, and anodized aluminum sheaves. Accepts 7/16 -1/2in. (11 - 13 mm) diameter rope.

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