CMC ProSeries Aluminum Screwlock NFPA Carabiner

CMC ProSeries Aluminum Screwlock NFPA Carabiner
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CMC ProSeries Aluminum Screwlock NFPA Carabiner

UL Classified to NFPA 1983 - General Use

Matching high performance with minimum weight, CMC ProSeries carabiners are the only aluminum carabiners that meet the NFPA strength requirements for General use. Designed and built to meet the requirements of a rescuer working in the most demanding circumstances, ProSeries carabiners significantly reduce the weight of a rescuer's gear while maintaining the highest possible margin of safety. The new key-lock design eliminates snagging when removing the carabiner from your harness. A re-designed gate provides a full 1.1 in. opening on the standard size carabiner.

CMC ProSeries and ProTech carabiners now use an advanced new key-lock gate. The key-lock gate is superior because it does not have a notch that can hang up when you remove the carabiner from your harness or from web loops. The proprietary, patent-pending design of the CMC Key-Lock Carabiner gives the gate exceptional strength in all axes...far above the strength of conventional key-lock or pin and notch gate designs.


  • 3 SIGMA MBS: 51 kN (11,465 lbf.)
  • Weight: 5 oz.
  • Interior Length: 4.05"
  • Gate Opening: 1.1"
  • Every Carabiner is Proof Loaded

Silver Frame