CMC 8mm Prusik Cord - Red or Teal

CMC 8mm Prusik Cord - Red or Teal
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CMC 8mm Rescue Prusik Cord & Load Release Hitch Cord

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The most important attributes of a cord used for Prusik Hitches are consistency in handling and diameter. Once you have determined the Prusik Hitch that works best on your host rope, you want the same performance every time you replace it. CMC Rescue Prusik Cord has the right balance of suppleness for reliable activation, but is not so soft that it wears out rapidly. Made of nylon with a torque-free, kernmantle construction, it comes in solid colors to help discriminate between cord designed for Prusik Hitches and climber's accessory cords. Two color choices allow you to use a separate color for each length Prusik in a Tandem Prusik Belay System. Please select color above.

MBS 2,875 lbs. (12 kN)