CMC ProTech Haz-Mat Extrication Harness


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CMC ProTech Haz-Mat Extrication Harness
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CMC ProTech Haz-Mat Extrication Harness

CMC does not currently list these harnesses in their catalog, but we have had some interest so have had them build some for us. If you need a quantity of these, please let us know a few weeks in advance as they are custom sewn.

The Haz-Mat Extrication Harness was designed with input from Phoenix Fire Captain Mark Delima as an extrication device for personnel wearing Level-A chemical protective clothing (NFPA 472). The harness is worn over the garment and incorporates a dorsal attachment point for lifting or lowering the rescuer. The web straps of the harness also provide easy grab points if an incapacitated rescuer needs to be lifted or moved. The harness may also be used with other bulky protective wear such as immersion or ice rescue suits. Because of the unknown level of exposure to chemical atmospheres or direct chemical contact inherent in a hazardous materials incident, haz-mat equipment is usually required to be disposable. Although designed to be a one-time-use harness, the Haz-Mat Extrication Harness is made with the same care and quality materials as all CMC harnesses and can be reused if deployed in non-toxic atmospheres.

One size fits most personnel.