Technical Rope Rescue, Levels I & II

Technical Rope Rescue, Levels I & II
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Technical Rope Rescue, Levels I & II

Practical, thorough, and current, this guide to rope rescue offers you detailed instructions for numerous rope rescue techniques, as well as industry insight on how to apply these techniques effectively on scene. Based on the 2008 NFPA Standard 1006 and 2009 NFPA Standard 1670 Technical Rescue: Rope Rescue provides expansive coverage, including commonly used knots, practical rigging methods, incident and scene management, lowering systems, tensioned rope systems, and more. With a comprehensive yet simplified approach to a wide variety of techniques, the book breaks down some of the barriers that have traditionally divided urban rope rescue teams and rural or wilderness rescue teams.
  • Check NFPA Standard compliancy by reviewing the detailed guide at the beginning of the book, which correlates chapter content and corresponding page numbers to NFPA Standards 1006 and 1670 specific Job Performance Requirements
  • Gain real-world insight and sharpen rope rescue tactics with a Lessons Learned at the beginning of each chapter and corresponding Lessons Learned Revisited at the end of the chapter containing follow-up critical-thinking questions
  • Secure optimum proficiency of various rope techniques through Skills and Procedures which combine step-by-step instructions with photos and line illustrations
  • Work smart and safe on the job with critical information highlighted in Note and Safety boxes throughout the book
  • Perfect essential knot-tying skills with a chapter devoted entirely to step-by-step instructions on how to tie and secure over 19 different types of knots, bends, and hitches.
  • Remain up to date with photos and illustrations that focus in on the most current equipment, tools and procedures
Table of Contents:

1. Rope Rescue � An Introduction
2. Incident Planning and Scene Management
3. Safety
4. Equipment and System Components
5. Knots
6. Anchor Systems
7. On Belay
8. On rappel
9. Lowering Systems
10. Mechanical Advantages, Raising and Ascending Systems
11. Tensioned Rope Systems

First Edition Author: Jeff M. Matthews, ISBN #: 1428320563, Publish Date: 03/04/2009, Pages: 416, Publisher: CENGAGE Delmar Learning