10% Discount for Public Service Personnel


Firefighters, rescue workers, EMT personnel, police officers and military members put their safety on the line every minute of every day for the greater good of the general population. They (you) are the untold heroes and we would like to offer some reward. We are aware that many service workers must purchase their own gear and so we extend to each of them a 10% discount on their order. If you are in the public service sector as either an individual member or as a department or squad, just use the coupon code SERVICE in your Shopping Cart and 10% will automatically be deducted from the items that qualify. This is a small attempt at repayment on our part for a very large debt that we are aware the public owes you.

Thanks for your service.

Mark and the Staff of rescueDIRECT.com.


    Conditions to qualify for the discount are few:
  • You must be a member of a Fire Department, Rescue Squad, Police Department, EMS crew or member of the Armed Forces.
  • Departments or Squads and their purchasing agents are eligible for discount.
  • Litters, Stretchers, Tripods, USARFOGs and SOGs, and items on sale do not qualify. Call 1-888-667-7170 for more details.
  • This is an honor system. Enough said on that.

Just use coupon code: service in your Shopping Cart.