Steel Carabiners are the workhorses of the technical rescue world. I have seen steel rescue carabiners brought into the shop that looked like they had been towed behind a semi-tractor travelling through a gravel tornado and still operate normally. (I'm not saying it is admirable to keep these old friends around that long, just that quality steel carabiners from SMC, CMC or Omega Pacific can and do stand up to hard work.)

We do not offer any non-locking steel carabiners, so your choices are between a screw-lock carabiner or a steel carabiner with some type of auto-locking gate. In the auto-lock models there are simple twist-lock carabiners or gates with 3-stage action. The 3-stage or Tri-Act carabiners are much less likely to accidently open if something rubs across the gate collar like a branch or a sling.

Every major manufacturer of steel and aluminum carabiners makes a screw-gate model and at least one type of auto-lock carabiner.