29 - September - 2017

After 10 years of using a flat rate fee of $4.95 for shipping, I am raising the price to $5.95 today. I make no money off of shipping, and have been losing money, mostly on the SOG and FOG manuals, for the last few years. Priority Mail Flat Rate products start at $5.95 (as of today) and go up from there. At $4.95 I was losing $1.00 per order of FOG's or SOG's shipped via Priority Mail. I'm sorry for the increase.


22 - December - 2016

I'm not a wordsmith, so this 'blog' is not going to be deep. I hesitate to even call it a blog. It won't be filled with the ramblings of someone attempting to contemplate the meaning of life or solve the world's problems.

Instead, I would just like to use it to tell you about a product I think is nice, a recall that might be going on, or why I do things on the website the way I do.

Let's start there. For those of you that have shopped with me before, the website looks a lot different. The old technology in the old site was not so good for anyone any longer. So, this new site should be easier to use in most respects, especially on mobile devices. As always, it is a work in progress.

    Some things about the website.

  • A vow, as far as I have control of it: No pop-ups! I hate them myself, why inflict them on you? What is a pop-up? It is a little box that harasses you the minute you set foot on a website asking you to give your e-mail address or a blood sample or some such thing. You end up clicking everywhere, like you are under attack by mosquitoes. The only thing I am aware that pops-up on this site is a mini-cart that acknowledges you have placed something in your shopping basket.
  • I will not send you an e-mail telling you, "You left something behind in your shopping cart, hurry back and get it"! If you leave something behind, you probably didn't want it.
  • I buy things myself online and I normally know what I am looking for, so just 'show me the money'. By that I mean the products. Don't make it difficult and don't try to entertain me. I will try to organize the products I sell into logical categories for you. If the manufacturer makes a video for a product that helps explain its use, I'll post it as I get time.
  • Quarter not included! This is an ongoing project. Like most commercial website owners, I am happy that the manufacturers provide high quality product images. Most times though, there is no reference in the photo for scale. As time goes on I will attempt to take a not-very-professional photo of all of the carabiners, pulleys, etc. next to a lowly quarter. The coin is for scale and if you have an iPad type device you can lay a quarter on your screen, enlarge the photo until the quarters are the same size and see how large the product actually is. Or, just look at the photo and say, "Oh, that's how big that pulley is next to a quarter". BTW - I keep the quarter.
  • Last thing for now. As long as there has been a www.rescuedirect.com we have used what we've called 'Flat Rate' shipping. One price for all orders, outside of things like tripods and litters. It has historically been $4.95 and we lose money on most orders at that rate. (Even the FOG manuals.) There has been no option for selecting expedited shipping. I'm sorry, that will go on for a while longer. Just place a comment in the special instructions box if you need the product by a specific date and I'll get a quote to you.

That's a start.