O-P Ladder Hook Carabiner w/ Screw-Lok - NFPA

O-P Ladder Hook Carabiner w/ Screw-Lok - NFPA
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Steel Ladder Hook - Screw-Lok

Extra-large hook designed to fit over ladder rungs, pipes, and safety rails; anywhere you need the extra gate opening space of a side-swing gate. Over 2" of gate clearance! Plated to increase corrosion resistance. All 'biners are proof tested to 1/2 of the rated break strength.

Exceeds NFPA 1983, '01 Edition/ANSI/OSHA strength requirements
Meets NFPA 1983, '01 Edition construction Standards. UL Classified. Available in Screw-Lok or Quick-Lok. Available in Gold only.

  • Weight: 640gr
  • Major axis strength: 41kN
  • Gate opening: 60mm
  • Length: 215.9mm
  • Width: 111.8mm