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Conterra Double Adjusta Pro II

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Omega Pacific Carabiners

Just in! Petzl Hi-Viz Vertex Vent Helmet -- $114.95

Conterra Scarab Rescue Tool

Conterra Scarab

Do you need technical rescue equipment? NFPA rescue rope or locking carabiners? Class 3 full body harnesses? Prusik minding pulleys? Helmets and headlamps? Swiftwater Rescue Gear? Work at Height? Whatever your situation - from high angle rescue to structural collapse, urban search and rescue, from anchors & rigging to confined space rescue - we can provide you with nearly all your rescue equipment needs.

We carry a full line of technical rescue gear from top quality manufacturers like Petzl, PMI, SMC, CMC, NRS, Conterra, Yates, Coaxsher, Sterling Rope, ESS, Pelican, CMI, LSP, Gibbs, Sked, CON-SPACE, EVAC Systems, RSI, Omega Pacific, BlueWater, Ergodyne, Rescue Technology and more. Most gear is NFPA, CE or ANSI certified

rescueDIRECT RPM Raise/Lower Package - NFPA
Just $599.95!

Raise Lower Kit

If you are a search and rescue squad, fire department, tactical team, high angle rescue team or EMS squad you can take advantage of our Public Service Personnel Discount.

We accept Purchase Orders on letterhead from Fire Departments, EMS, USAR, Police/Tactical/Military, High Angle Rescue, Local, State or Federal entities.

We look forward to serving you!

Mark Connell
rescueDIRECT, Inc.
Utica, Illinois
Toll Free: 1-888-667-7170
Fax: 1-815-667-9970

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